Sunday, October 24, 2010

A strange thing happened...

...the other day. But first a little history.
I've mentioned my brother before and how his stack of horror comics and magazines heavily influenced (some would say for the worse) my childhood and outlook on life. As a kid I remember absolutely loving this one story about a elementary school boy who believes his father is a vampire. For years and years I couldn't remember the name of the story, the title of the magazine it was in or even what the cover looked like. I knew it was black and white and probably one of the Warren horror mags from the sixties or seventies.
Then, the other day, I decided to use Google and search for the exact story. 'Lo and behold...I found it!
"There's a Blood Sucker Among Us!" was published in the May, 1971 issue of Voodoo Tales magazine. The inside blurb read: 'A spine-snapping creepy saga of a school teacher and a pupil who's father is a vampire!'
Without further ado, from May, 1971..."There's a Blood Sucker Among Us!"