Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 5 Days of Halloween: Day 5

Well, little creeps, it's finally here! The best day of the year! Time to warm up the cauldrons, dust off the broomsticks and unchain the ghosts in the basement. Happy Halloween!
Today I think I'll share my final list for you (at least this All Hallow's Eve). Now, I know some of you will disagree with Xemnu on this list. That's fine and dandy. But you're wrong! I've decided to feature the 5 Scariest Movies of All Time (That Xemnu has Seen).
So cozy up my little corpses! That's it, move a little closer...a little closer...there are Things out there, in the dark. And they're coming...for...YOU!

The 5 Scariest Movies of All Time (That Xemnu has Seen)
5. Psycho (1960) - Alfred Hitchcock was a master storyteller and this movie builds with a slow burn. From the beginning things aren't what they seem, and it only gets closer to the horrifying truth when Anthony Perkins and the Bates Motel enter the scene. This movie lingers long after it's over.

4. Alien (1979) - This movie holds a special place in Xemnu's heart, as it's the first real horror movie I watched all the way through. Some people would mistake this movie for a sci-fi flick. But, no, science fiction is merely the setting for this terrifying and claustrophobic look at H.R. Giger's most famous creation. In space, truly, no one can hear you scream!

3. Friday the 13th (1980) - Best. Slasher. Movie. EVER. They still haven't topped the creepiest sex-crazed, gore-flavored teen slasher flick. And probably won't.

2. Halloween (1978) - Okay, maybe this is the best slasher movie. EVER. Still John Carpenter's best horror movie (although The Thing comes pretty damn close), the master storyteller knows how to spin a tale of the Nameless Shambling Horror. Except his name is Michael Myers. Still gives a good scare after all these years.

1. The Exorcist (1973) - This is the only movie on this list I didn't see until adulthood. And let me tell you it creeps the hell out of me. I was afraid to walk into a dark room for two days after I saw this and just watching the trailer gives me goosebumps. If any of you have any doubts about an afterlife, and what might be waiting for you...don't play with a Ouija board. No, seriously, don't do it. But do watch this movie.

Well, that about does it, creeps. Next year we'll do some different stuff. Until then be safe and enjoy yourself tonight. Tomorrow Xemnu is going to take a break, but I'll be back with more goodies the day after.
Trick or treat, boys and ghouls!