Sunday, October 24, 2010

The End...of the Beginning!

I'm going to shake up the lineup a little for everyone. Mostly for myself. I find it much easier to blog on a regular basis if it's about something I find interesting all the time. Since the internet ate me whole, and I now have tons of subjects I'm interested in, I'll be posting more general topics.
Like the title tag says, I'll still focus on comics, strangeness and pop culture shock. I just won't limit myself (or any readers) by focusing so narrowly.
I'll also try to update with new posts regularly: three or four times a week at least; ideally every day. Over the course I'll begin adding new features and information for everybody, eliminating what doesn't work and trying new things. This is a work in progress!
For now I'll give you a taste of what I'm talking about: NAZI UFO's! Were they real? Is it all a hoax? Look at the information and decide for yourself.
Keep watching the skies...

Nazi UFO's - HERE!