Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Halloween Month!

Happy Halloween!

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For some of you this may be premature. But for old Xemnu, Halloween is a month-long celebration of ghouls, ghosties and creepy-crawlies that slither, slink and go bump at the witching hour.

Last year I posted the 5 Days of Halloween, a series of Halloween and horror-related bloggings. This month I thought I'd do something a little different leading up to this years' 5 Days' and sprinkle a few terror-laced candy nuggets throughout the month.

So sit back, relax and wait for the chills thrillseekers! There will be blood!

Halloween-maskImage via Wikipedia

Now, to get your blood pumping...heh heh heh...a Grim Fairy Tale from the December, 1953 issue of Tales from the Crypt. Looks can be deceiving, especially for...The Sleeping Beauty!