Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Human Fly

The 1970's were a strange time...
Much like today, the United States was deep in an economic downturn. Oil prices were high; smaller, more fuel-efficient cars began replacing the giant, hulking, gas-guzzling behemoths of past decades; and most people suffered from the effects of recessionary inflation. Hence, entertainment was a premium. Anything cheap or free was considered great entertainment.
Combine all these ingredients together and it makes a wacky stew. Throw in a dash of human nature in the form of morbid curiosity (drive real slow past that accident on the highway) and you have a powder keg souffle of zany goodness.
One man, billed as the world's greatest superhero (because he was real) briefly entertained the masses (or small clusters of yokels at county fairs). His name was...

In reality the Human Fly was Canadian stunt performer Rick Rojatt. Who? Exactly. Almost before the popularity of the Human Fly peaked, he faded into obscurity. For a time he was a popular Marvel Comics' character with his own comic book and crossovers with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.
Much like Sort of like Evel Knievel, the Human Fly performed death-defying stunts for the gratification of gawkers at air shows, monster truck rallys and the like, complete with luchador mask and all.

Neat, huh? Over the years the legend of the Human Fly outgrew his original reputation. So much so that even today kids that weren't around to remember the daredevil stunts of Rick Rojatt worship enjoy the mix of reality and superhero drama.

There's scant information about this guy online but I think he deserves his props. If anyone knows how to contact Rick Rojatt or knows more about the history of the Human Fly, please let me know. Frankly, I think the time is right for the Human Fly to make a return to media greatness. Conditions are nearly identical to 30+ years ago. People would go crazy for the greatest superhero of all time...because he's real!