Tuesday, February 8, 2011


No, no. Not this Tigra.

This Tigra.

Greer Nelson, a.k.a. the Furry-friendly, scritch-ready Marvel Comics superheroine. Don't know what a Furry is? Check here.
Frightening, isn't it?
 I think it's pretty easy to understand the appeal the character has on the pubescent, pimply-faced hordes of basement-dwelling comic book readers. I count myself among them, even though I've long grown through puberty. Or is that out of puberty? Not sure. Not sure I care.
I do know, however, this character is hot. And always has been.
 Tigra's had a long history in the world of Marvel Comics and left many a lonely superhero behind her on the quest for a good romp in the hay. Or the litter. Ew. On second thought, skip the litter.
Tigra is also playing some havoc on the interwebs. Search for her on Deviantart.com and just see what you see. I guarantee it'll be more than you bargained for.
There's also a nifty Tigra Gallery run by a gentleman with noble and completely wholesome purposes. Sure. I'd buy that for a dollar.
She even has her own action figure.
Don't ask me who or what that thing is next to her. I have no idea. 
 Truly a sign she's made it in the superhero community.
So consider this my personal mini-gallery of favorite Tigra images.
You're welcome, fanboy!