Monday, November 15, 2010

The Spider!

Harry Steeger created the pulp character The Spider in 1933 and the character punched, clawed and fought with .45's blazing through the '30's and '40's pulps like worms through a rotten apple. In many of those stories (written by the intensely talented Norvell Page), that rotten apple was New York. And in 1938, as the Nazi's were storming through Europe, The Spider fought his own battle against the Nazi allegory in the pages of his own pulp magazine.
Now, Age of Aces Books is releasing the collected three-story anthology, titled Fight The Empire State. There's even a nifty little website to promote the book.
I've only read a couple of these pulps but I'm completely hooked already. I love characters like this and the old pulps in particular. If you're interested in learning more about the pulp era or The Spider in particular, check the links below. You won't be disappointed.

Spider Links!

  • Go to this website. NOW. Then, when you're finished, come back here and check the rest of the links.
  • Girasol Collectibles publishes tons of pulp-related items and pulp reprints, including The Spider.
  • So, you like The Spider, eh? It's a tad late for Halloween, but you can still hunt villainous criminal thugs dressed like The Spider thanks to Chris Kalb. Tell him Xemnu sent you.
  • Moonstone Books has published a prose anthology as well as several graphic novels featuring The Spider. Now, a new bi-monthly comic is coming in January, 2011!
  • A nifty blog started about Norvell Page.