Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Diabolical Doctor Sun

Oh, the humanity! I admit I love, love, LOVE the Gene Colan/Marv Wolfman Tomb of Dracula comic from the 1970's. But, please. No really, I mean it. How did they come up with this guy!?!

If you enjoy bad '50's sci-fi as much as I do (and if you are really reading this you probably do), there is some irresistible joy in a crazy-mad human brain bent on world domination. Floating in a glass jar, natch. But when you add a cyborg, blood-drinking machine for a body? Fugeddabouddit!
After discovering he has new 'psionic' powers from the old brain transfer, Doctor Sun mentally enslaves a small army of followers to aid in his revenge and world-domination strategy. What's an up and coming world dictator without his army of red-shirt lackeys? Unfortunately for the good Doctor, he also discovers his brain needs a constant supply of fresh human blood to remain functional. Enter Dracula, stage left.
This gets so convoluted, folks, I really cannot go into enough great detail here. Suffice it to say, Doctor Sun eventually runs into the Fantastic Four and is finally subdued, in a nearly unparalleled act of dorky heroism, by the robot H.E.R.B.I.E. And when the lamest character from the 1970's Fantastic Four cartoon kills you, you know you're absolutely pathetic.
Still, there is something completely freaking cool about a sentient, severed brain inside a glass jar. Maybe it's just me.
If you're dying to know the complete details, there's more information at the entirely too in-depth Marvel Comics wiki: