Friday, December 31, 2010


As we all bask in the seasonal goodness that is the release of TRON: Legacy, let's not forget the original movie, shall we? What? You don't remember?
Really, neither do I. But, I do remember the standee arcade-style game Discs of TRON. You can play the original game here at the official Disney TRON website.

There were quite a few TRON-based games out there in the day.  

By far my favorite, though, is an unofficial game all of us can (probably) download and play on our computer. GLTron is pure lightbike excitement fun. And did I mention addictive? 
In fact, many of these games are available for download and playing on the PC or Mac platform. All you need is a game ROM and an emulator for the various game systems. And, thanks to Xemnu, I've searched the interwebs and found them for you. 

Say, "Thank you, Xemnu."

"You're welcome."

Enjoy your gaming TRON-o-philes. I have more TRON-related goodness coming in a while. Until then, be patient and break out the Jolt Cola, sit back, download a few ROM's and emulators and get to it!

PLEASE NOTE: The dubious legality of game ROM's and of game emulation means I take no personal responsibility for your actions. I merely provide the links as an educational and demonstrational service.

TRON game links:

MAME is a multi-machine emulator for playing game ROM's. Xemnu highly recommends!