Friday, July 1, 2011

Slave Leia Friday, Episode No. 1

Yes, I'm aware it goes against Star Wars numbering convention but I'm actually going to start this new Friday Feature off in numerical order.
The pre-internet phenomenon of Princess Leia's metal bikini began with the release of Return of the Jedi on May 25, 1983. Shortly after the release of the final installment in the original trilogy, images of the beautiful Carrie Fisher in her metal bikini began gracing the dorm walls, school lockers, pillows, t-shirts and (possibly) underwear of geeks around the world.
While I can't verify Slave Leia has graced the underwear of nerd-champions (there's a joke there...don't dig too far or you'll miss it), the imagery of the metal bikini is definitely a favorite at comic and science fiction conventions and around the internet in cosplay galleries and websites.
So, in honor of the talented and charming Ms. Fisher, and as a shameless way to attract even more traffic to my blog, I'm starting a Slave Leia Friday initiative. Every Friday at Xemnu's Blog a new image of Her Metal-Bikini-ness will grace this website.
To move things along we will start with the image which has graced the fantasies, dreams and lunchboxes of a generation of nerds. There can be only one original and the Alderanian diplomat turned rebel resistance leader is certainly an original.