Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TRON (pt. 2)

No, not so much a sequel. But I have found a few more interesting links.

First: wanna play Light Cycle online? Go here.
How about some nifty TRON shirts? Try Threadless. Personally, I like the hoodie.

Naturally, there are TRON computer products. Nifty.

Here's a keen pair of kids shoes.
But not to be left out, Vans has a pretty keen pair of shoes for the grown-ups, too.

Some other, interesting TRON stuff:
  • The TRONguy. I admire your pluck. No, really. But lay off the cheese puffs, man. 
  • There is a 'hidden Mickey' in the original TRON. Don't believe me? Check it out.
  • Parker Brothers Custom Choppers built a real-life light cycle. Hell. Yeah.