Sunday, November 7, 2010

Delbert the La Choy Dragon

From Muppet Wiki:

Delbert the La Choy Dragon appeared in television commercials for La Choy chow mein from 1965 to 1967.
Though originally built as a full-bodied character to engage with actors in a supermarket setting, a live-hand version was used in later spots with Mert, a meek, bespectacled Muppet spokesman, as his foil.
The puppet was capable of emitting fire from its mouth, creating a unique effect in the commercial he appeared in.
This is one of Frank Oz's few full body performances with the Muppets. He hated full body suits so much he never optionally performed one again.
Although he's not named on screen, Delbert's name is documented elsewhere.[1][2]
A rebuilt version of Delbert has been seen in recent exhibits such as Jim Henson: Puppeteer.
Delbert also makes a cameo in the ending of The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion, except being much larger than before and having a much more ferocious personality, being shown attacking a building.

NAME: Delbert, The LaChoy Dragon 
BIO/STATS: Pitchman (pitchdragon) for LaChoy Chinese food in the 1960s 
APPEARANCES: Multiple LaChoy commercials 
SPECIAL TALENTS: Breathing fire 
FAVORITE PERFORMANCE MOMENT: Running down a supermarket aisle, knocking down cans with his tail. 
LIKES: Crispy, crunchy Chinese food 
DISLIKES: Soggy noodles 
FAMOUS FOR: Using his fire breath to cook Chinese food 
ALWAYS SAYS/DOES: "LaChoy Chinese food stays crisp cause it's quick cooked in dragon fire. And heard it from the LaChoy Dragon!!!"